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About our Asset Protection Services

Asset protection is a way of protecting your assets from potential litigation. In today’s world, where people are litigation friendly, it is important to try to protect what you’ve worked for. Some states, such as Florida, already provide basic exemptions that protect your home, car, and sums of money from creditors. However, this protection is not always sufficient and does not apply if you are not a resident of the state.

In those cases, it is best to protect your assets through LLCs, Trusts or Offshore corporations. Nevis, for example, is a good option for many people due to its stability, legal protections and independence from the United States courts. Thus, it makes it harder for a creditor to find out what your assets are, the amount of assets you control and then to sue you. For additional information on Nevis, please see one of our blogs. Other options are to form two LLCs and a Trust or simply to form multiple LLCs.

In considering the best approach for each of our clients, we analyze the following:

- liabilities
- asset type
- number of assets
- income
- profession and risks of litigation associated with the profession
- creditors and potential creditors
- location of assets
- type of assets
- residence of the client
- lifestyle and necessities
- current and likely future politics
- current and likely future economic changes/evolution
- current and likely future legal changes/evolution

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