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About our Commercial Transactions and Litigation Services

Negotiating, drafting and finalizing of Commercial Agreements

We are ready to negotiate, draft and conclude contracts on Florida commercial transactions and matters affecting financial or economic interests, regardless of whether these interests are located in state or internationally.  Our experience in diverse legal systems in Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States allows us to ensure that your interests will remain protected now and, as much as possible, in the future.

We believe that a strong and secure contract requires a clear and thorough understanding of not only the client’s immediate and future interests, but also an understanding of the other party objectives. This allows us to choose among the different options in choice of law, dispute resolution, and penalty clauses. By doing so, we are able to pick the most appropriate method to negotiate and draft our clients’ contracts.

We are ready to discuss important personal or commercial factors you have, the place of performance of the contract, the applicable law, the obligations of good faith, the timeframe, and the different options and risks in case of a breach of contract in the future. We are dedicated to providing you services that are thorough and precise so your contract serves your best interests now and in the future.

Commercial Litigations

We know contracts and so we also know that every contract is different. Its differences are sometimes what can make a breach of contract dispute a win or lose situation. Our policy is to take the time to analyze each relevant element of the contract and the applicable law in order to find the best strategical approaches. We realize that a breach of a commercial agreement can lead to numerous expenses and damages and, thus, we work efficiently to resolve our client’s matter and the client’s specific needs quickly.  Our experience negotiating and drafting commercial contracts not only in the United States, but also abroad where the systems are different, further allows us to have a different perspective and fresh approach that can be advantageous to your case. Don’t wait, let us find you the right solution so you can move forward with your business with confidence and with tranquility. Our expertise in Florida commercial transactions and litigations shows.