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About our Contract Law Services

Nowadays, many contracts involve debt issues that may be domestic or international. Contracts and indebtedness mediation deals with all contract actions relating to promissory notes and other debts, including those arising from the sale of goods. Whether the contract is already formed, has been breached or is likely to result in a breach, discussing the parties’ monetary obligations and/or difficulties may become the best way to enforce a contract or to keep it from resulting in a breach in which the parties would suffer damages.

Mediation can also serve to balance the financial risk before entering into a contract. It allows the participants to learn more about the other party in a confidential setting*, mitigate future damages by finding a solution that fits the interests at hand, and ensure that all relevant elements of the contract are included. Whether the mediation involves a financial institution and private parties, know the factors that may impact your contractual obligations or rights. Prepare for the future, build on the present – mediate and keep the confidentiality you are looking for.

*Information obtained during the mediation shall remain confidential – not usable in court – except where disclosure is required or permitted by law or is agreed to by all parties