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About our Corporate Transactions and Litigation Services

Corporate Transactions

Your corporate transactions are the basis for all matters affecting the financial interests and advantages of your business, and thus your corporate success in California or abroad. When preparing the negotiations and drafts of a transaction, our goal is to first fully understand our clients’  and then the parties’ interests, objectives and find the best ways to achieve these objectives.This allows us to negotiate and draft a more astute, clear and precise contract, thereby limiting the risks of litigation in the future and allowing for more efficient litigation if a breach takes places.

We are ready to discuss your corporate goals and interests, whether they are related to a timeframe (time is of the essence), applicable law, a forum for any future litigation, the location for the transaction to take place, and any concern you may.

We are dedicated to providing you with a thorough and precise service to ensure your present and future peace of mind and corporate well-being.

Corporate Litigations

We litigate diverse corporate issues, such as: derivative suits, enforcement of contracts, pre-incorporation liabilities, and agents liabilities in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Whether your dispute is simply in California or your business is located in these areas, we are ready to represent your business’ best interests.