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About our Equine Law Services

Whether you are buying or selling a horse, we are ready to represent you. As equestrians ourselves, we understand the importance of each description of the horse and conditions attached to the sale. We understand the health considerations, expectancies attached to the horse by the future owner and promises that can be made by the seller.

We understand that the sale of a horse for business purposes may drastically differ from the sale of horse for pleasure and the expectations for a promenade horse or for a race-horse are very different. Having grown up around horses and having horses ourselves, we can easily relate to each element of the sale and inspections by the veterinary, as well as by the farrier.

We are also ready to help you set-up conditional leases pre-sale of the horse with the conditions you need to protect your horse or properly limit your liability for the lease. While the other of the horse usually wants to protect the health, training and treatment of the horse during the lease, the equestrian leasing the horse wants to limit liability and protect himself from the possible original problems the horse may have, including doping.