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About our Foreclosure Services

Our job is to bring you a successful forclosure mediation.

While we maintain impartiality as mediators, we are dedicated to see that your interests are brought forward. A successful mediation means you leave satisfied with peace of mind.

We understand that foreclosure is a very stressful time and that all parties have different needs. Our objective during the mediation is to bring a positive energy to the table. We help borrowers trust the foreclosure mediation program and help lenders see the advantages in settling the case. We bring the parties together and evaluate what each can bring to the negotiation.

We thrive to find a solution, such as a modification of the mortgage loan with a lower interest rate or a time extension for the borrower. The discussions thus revolve around the options of 1.) refinance, 2.) short sale and 3.) deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. In some cases, homeowners are able to keep their homes.

We balance the interests of the borrowers and the different paths they can take to come to a proposal that will be appealing to the lenders. We then help the lenders value the monetary efficiency of resolving the matter, instead of continuing with legal fees and costs, including eventually the maintenance of the houses. With an increasing number of homes being foreclosed, banks see greater expenses in litigation, costs, maintenance of homes and a decreased chance of being able to re-sell the homes they foreclose on. Waiting for the suit to take its course in court may take years, this creates an additional incentive for the participants to find a solution.

In fact, with a backlog of more than 350,000 foreclosure cases in Florida, the regular court path to deal with foreclosures may take a very long time and become very expensive. Mediation is a peaceful method that leaves the decision-making up to the parties, not a judge. Mediation also helps parties clarify documents, rights, obligations and payments in case of litigation.

The Foreclosure Process & Mediation

Florida passed a law requiring banks to allow homeowners the chance to meet with them and discuss possible alternatives for their delinquent mortgages through mediation. In accordance with the law, the bank must file a form requesting mediation at the same time that it files suit against the homeowner. The Request for Mediation is then sent to a Mediation Program Manager. A letter will is then mailed from the mediation office informing the homeowner of their right to mediation. The homeowner has 120 days from the date the suit was filed to call the mediation department in order to start the process. If the homeowner does not reply during that time, the homeowner forfeits the right to mediation and suit will proceed.

While the legislature is debating whether to maintain the foreclosure mediation program as mandatory for the banks, we believe it is beneficial and can be successful with the right efforts.