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About our Wills and Trusts Services

Unfortunately, age does not matter when it comes to life expectancy. Sure, it can be an impact, but there are too many situations where a life may end for an unforeseen reason. All of the sudden, you or a loved one may unfortunately find themselves in a situation of distress where hospitals are needed, emergency decisions have to be made or they have moved on to the after life.

The best way to help your loved ones is to have all your ducks in a row. Protect your medical decisions by having: 
- a Living Will;
- an Advance Directive / Health Care Surrogate; or
- a Durable or General Power of Attorney.

Help your loved ones prepare for your after life with a: 
- Simple will;
- Complex Will;
- a Trust;
- or a combination.

We also set up asset protection plans for our clients in order to limit their liability. Sometimes combining asset protection with the final wills can be very effective and efficient.

These documents can help maintain peace and tranquility in emergencies and moments of sadness, but also ensure that your intent and wishes are respected. Many of these documents also bring forward tax issues. As such, we work closely with experienced accountants who always remain up to date on the best financial/tax options for our clients, while we look and concentrate on the best legal options and issues.

Call us so we can prepare these documents for you and get your ducks in a row.

For prices please call us or refer to our Rates page.